Today I’m going to be reviewing Sinister Edgde for Android devices! (“Android?! You filthy casual” I hear you shout!)

I’m here to tell you times are a’changing and developers are taking a bigger dive in to the mobile platform giving the mobile platform far more of a hard-core handheld feel.

To start, I must say, hats off to the development team at Everbyte. A very small independent development team made up of 4 students who have made a very fine game.

Sinister Edge is  a Virtual reality horror adventure, however VR is not necessary to enjoy the experience with controller capabilities.


The idea of the game is much like Resident Evil, you solve puzzles and survive in a variety of locations, a large part will be in a mansion whilst you are being hounded by some evil being hunting you down (You see the inspiration, right?!)

Sinister Edge Features:

– Playable with or without VR- device
– Supports external controller
– Thrilling horror experience
– Numerous challenging puzzles
– Intuitive controls without additional device
– Exceptionally long playtime
– Beautiful 3D graphics

I loved Sinister Edge and feel  it is a must play for fans of Horror games, especially for fans of Resident Evil, Silent Hill and even Slenderman.

A huge boon to this is the several ways in which you can play from VR to controller capabilities.

I had a lot of enjoyment from Sinister Edge and recommend that hard-core gamers relinquish the mobile hatred and give it a go.



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