​​​​​​​Sheriffs attempt to root out the yellow-belly varmint Outlaws as the Wild West multiplayer social deduction game lands on console

Wandering Wizard (the indie publishing arm of Snail Inc.) and developer New Gen announced today that the multiplayer social deduction game West Hunt is available now on Nintendo Switch.

New Switch players will be able to seamlessly join the action and play alongside PC players during West Hunt’s free Steam weekend. Whether you prefer to play as a Sheriff maintaining order or embrace the mischievous life of an outlaw, the Wild West’s expansion promises new challenges for all players involved.

West Hunt unfolds in the Old West, where a Sheriff sets out to establish law and order, but cunning outlaws hide in plain sight, causing mayhem. Once players assume their roles, the manhunt begins! Sheriffs and outlaws engage in intense matches, rewarding stealth and keen detective skills.

As an outlaw, players must establish their notoriety by completing criminal missions within a specified timeframe. These tasks include bribing the Barman, poisoning the water supply, stealing, etc. Meanwhile, Sheriffs, in their role, must keep an eye out and observe the villagers’ behavior, catching outlaws and establishing law and order. Experience the thrill of strategic gameplay with West Hunt’s new Switch port available now!


  • Belly Through the Brush: Dodge Johnny Law with randomized elements every game, including Outlaw skin and Outlaw missions. Sheriff hints are also located in random places each round to even the odds.
  • Custom Game Modes: 1 vs 1 isn’t the only way to play. Team up for 3 vs 3 matches, play against bots, and create unique rules with custom games.
  • Best Dressed in the West: Customize the look of the Sheriff, personalize winning and losing emotes, and even get a helper hound to sniff out trouble!
  • Cross Play: Play on PC, or on the go with West Hunt on Switch! Players on either platform can face off with new cross-play functionality.

West Hunt is available now on the Nintendo Switch digital store, priced at $9.99 USD / £8.19 GBP / €7.19 EUR