Indie game developer 5 Lives Studios have just launched their wholesome traveling merchant adventure Cozy Caravan, on Steam Early Access for $19.99 USD / £16.75 /€19.50 / $29.50 AUD, with a 10% discount available for the next week. Now you can customize your cute animal alter-ego and take them from town to town as part of a guild dedicated to making folks happy!

Cozy Caravan lets you embark on an expedition where the arts of crafting, trading, and exploration come together in an enchanting, adorable world. Create your own cuddly alter-ego and explore open roads with your trusty caravan alongside your best buddy Bubba, setting up mobile markets as you sojourn from town to town. Craft a variety of items through delightful mini-games, then set up your market and trade with the locals.

Experience the warmth of small-town charm with every friendly gesture along the way. Encounter a rich tapestry of characters with their own stories and quests, deepening the sense of connection and community on your travels.  Stop and say hello to the local townsfolk and join in on fun activities. And keep an eye out, you never know where you might find someone who could use a lift!

“This Early Access release of Cozy Caravan lets players check out the game’s sprawling first region and meet many of its characters, solve their problems, set up shops, customize their caravan, and travel to their heart’s desire,” said Dean Ferguson, Creative Lead on Cozy Caravan and Co-Founder of 5 Lives Studios. “As we progress throughout development we’ll be adding further regions, characters, and story, but we wanted to give players a massive chunk of the full game to both whet their appetites as well as offer us feedback while we work on the endgame. It’s exciting to be able to develop a game in community with our players, so please let us know what you think!”

Check it out now, over on Steam!