RJ Arcade, an indie video game developer specializing in creating unique, unconventional competitive video games, has just announced their latest game, “Mecha Simultactics”.

“Mecha Simultactics” was first teased on TikTok on January 3rd, where it received over 400,000 views. Watch the gameplay teaser on TikTok.


Combat system in my simultaneous-turn-based PVP tactics game #indiegame #tacticsgames #pvpgameplay #gamedevelopment

♬ original sound – RJ ✨

Today, the game’s title has been revealed as an official announcement, paired with the launch of the game’s Steam page. 

“Mecha Simultactics” is a simultaneous-turn-based competitive tactics game on an isometric battlefield. Each turn, players select an action, which are then executed at the same time. Your available actions depend on the outcome of the previous turn.

Key Features of “Mecha Simultactics”: 

  • Simultaneous-turn-based tactical gameplay
  • Multiple types of mechs and customization options
  • Isometric battlefield with destructible terrain
  • Anime-inspired battle replays
  • Map editor
  • Online PvP netplay

RJ Arcade invites gamers and press members to sign up for the “Mecha Simultactics” playtest on the Steam page. Additionally, RJ Arcade invites gamers and press members to sign up for the RJ Arcade Newsletter to receive emails about major announcements and updates about the playtest.

Mecha Simultactics on Steam: