Demo out now during Steam Next Fest

Will you build a peaceful village nestled in nature’s embrace, or a bustling metropolis filled with industry and activity? In the card game Matching Meadows, each expansion to your vibrant landscape comes with its own unique objective to accomplish. You’re solving an ever evolving puzzle with every move and decision you make. To perfect your playstyle, you must seek a perfect balance between city, nature, and industry tiles.

As a part of Steam Next Fest, a playable demo is available now. It features six unique levels that will put your strategic thinking to the test.

This is the first game of recently established indie studio Squeezecat, who envisioned to create a casual-friendly stategy game that’s easy to pick up and play, but hard to master.
To help newcomers along, they have released a helpful video that covers the gameplay basics. In addition, four new screenshots show off various maps, the leaderboards and a couple newly unveiled cards and tiles.

📺 Learn the basics of Matching Meadows:

🌼 Matching Meadows on Steam: