Riot Games and VALORANT today revealed Mystbloom, a brand new skinline inspired by the spring festival in Japan and the blooming of Sakura during that season. Featuring an ethereal and magical thematic, weapons included in the Mystbloom Skinline are the Phantom, Sheriff, Judge, Operator and Mystbloom Kunai.

With Mystbloom, players will experience flowers blooming on weapons as they’re equipped and petal effects surrounding the weapon. Upon inspection, zen and serene moments are created with the skinline’s thematic shining through visuals and music. Mystbloom will also feature a unique looping inspect animation for the Kunai, as well as finishers that spawn an ethereal garden around the player. Color variants for Mystbloom are inspired by seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), which applies to the weapons and finishers. 

Episode 8 Act III also brings an all new Battle Pass, featuring items like the Epilogue: Mini Mecha Gun Buddy, Comet Sword and Wingman Wiggle Spray.

Episode 8 Act III begins April 30, 2024.