As the leaves turn golden and the air takes on a crisp chill, the island of Dinkum welcomes the arrival of autumn, bringing along with it the major “Breezy Autumn” Steam Update. With the Steam hit now getting ever closer to the final 1.0 release, this new update adds a slew of new features and quality-of-life improvements – autumn-themed of course.

Watch the Dinkum Breezy Autumn Update trailer here:

Watch the skies! 

Keep an eye out for rare weather events that grace Dinkum’s skies during autumn and winter nights. You may come across a meteor shower or an aurora light show that will paint the sky in vibrant colours. Will the falling meteors contain anything of value? One way to find out!

The Sky Fest event is coming to town

What better way to celebrate a new season than to bring all your friends and townsfolk into one place and celebrate the new season together? The event takes place at the Band Stand and you can play new games and collect all new in-game items.

Time to go mushroom-picking

Embark on mushroom-hunting expeditions as different varieties sprout across the island each morning, offering opportunities to try out all new culinary and crafting recipes.

A stack of new items and improvements 

James Bendon, the solo developer of Dinkum, has also introduced an array of new items and features to Dinkum. There’s a convenient Hand Trolley that’s capable of relocating full containers with ease. The Wish Fountain, which can be placed on your island, has the ability to prevent animals from attacking the player, making gameplay much more relaxed and cozy. There are also new items of clothing, furniture, a new vehicle, and loads more. 

The Breezy Autumn Update is now available for download on Steam. For a detailed list of updates and changes, see the Breezy Autumn Steam News post.

To get more info about Dinkum, you can visit Dinkum’s Steam Store Page: