A Third-Person Shooter 3D-Action Rogue-lite Game

Independent game studio Visual Light announces that the demo of Throw Anything: Radiation Zombies, a third-person shooter 3D-action rogue-lite game, is available now in the context of the Steam Next Fest.

Throw Anything: Radiation Zombies is a 3D action-packed game where players complete missions to rescue a world overrun by zombies, relying on Arm Units and special abilities while surviving by throwing objects.

Equip powerful Arm Units, develop personalized skill trees, and navigate maze-like environments, utilizing various items in battle, unique skills, and discovering hidden secret rooms to strengthen characters and progress through the story, encountering diverse characters along the way.

A downloadable demo version of the game is currently available on Steam.


  • A third-person shooter 3D-action rogue-lite game.
  • The game is set in a zombie-infested world.
  • Complete missions to save the devastated world.
  • Utilize Arm Units, special abilities, and a personalized skill tree for enhancement.
  • Combine various items for diverse battle strategies.
  • Utilize unique skills when objects are scarce.
  • Defeat zombies, earn points, and strengthen your character in individual style.
  • Discover hidden secret rooms on maps to enhance the story.
  • Encounter various characters.