The 2018 asymmetrical horror game returns with a new look and feel this summer

Undaunted Games is pleased to announce that Forest Hills™: The Last Year will be relaunching Prom Season 2024. Along with the new name, Forest Hills™: The Last Year will welcome a host of new art, maps, and crossovers, some of which will be featured at PAX East. New content will take players out of the high school halls and into the town of Forest Hills, featuring fresh maps and killers to breathe new life into the game. 

In Forest Hills™: The Last Year all your favorite Classmates will return to join the ranks of the Displaced, which now includes new residents from the town of Forest Hills. The residents of this sleepy town will team up to deal with a new graduating class of Fiends, each with a signature style. Teams will have to balance their unique skills to escape the killer before the time runs out. 

Undaunted Games’ acquisition of The Last Year marks an exciting chapter for both the studio and fans of the asymmetrical horror game. Recognizing the unique and gripping gameplay that made The Last Year a standout in the genre, the studio aims to build upon its success by introducing new elements that match the tone and theme while opening new doors. The relaunch seeks to maintain the high standards set by the original game but also strives to push the boundaries of what players can expect. 

“When we took over the Last Year brand, we knew we wanted to make some changes, but we also wanted to stay true to the game’s spirit,” said Mark Waterworth, Creative Director. “We’re going to improve the look and feel of the game, expand the available maps, and bring new partnerships. We hear what the fans have been asking for, and we’re bringing Last Year back – with a vengeance!”

In addition to expanding content, Forest Hills™: The Last Year is also expanding its creative team. Veteran comic book artist and professional wrestler Andy “Bob Anger” Belanger will work on game’s artwork, and acclaimed writer of television, video games, and comics professional Frank Tieri working on game’s narrative. Sean Schemmel, prolific voice actor and director, best known for his work on the Dragon Ball series, will serve as Voice Over Director. 

Forest Hills™: The Last Year will be available on PC this summer. For more information, visit the Undaunted Games official website, YouTubeTwitter,  and Discord Server