The Open Demo Ready to Try in Co-Op Mode

The demo of this retro-futuristic platformer will be available in both co-op and single player modes during the Steam Remote Play Together Fest from February 12 to 19.

“Take control of two elite soldiers, combine their unique abilities and skills!” – Anima Flux developers say. 

The developers of metroidvania Anima Flux will broadcast live and showcase the game every day of the event on the game’s official page on Steam:

The game release is planned for Q4 of 2024. It will be available on PC, Xbox, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Story

The only human city located on the space ark is subjected to an organized mutant invasion. For the sake of survival, a theocratic totalitarian regime sends its best troops to rescue the city and eliminate the threat.

Take control of two elite soldiers, combine their unique abilities and skills. Finesse your way around through the most ferocious foes. Act bravely and fearlessly. After all, you can trick death, by transferring your anima with the latest implant technology. Don’t get consumed by fear of death, because the truth is grimmer.
Key Features

Co-op Metroidvania

The unusual spin of the genre, turns the classic metroidvania into a fun, couch co-op adventure. Both characters develop differently as the game goes on. Explore the grim locations of the space ark, rescue an ambushed or seriously injured partner. Get challenged by dangerous mutants and build your own boss-fight strategies together with a friend. And the best part is that you can always switch to single player mode if your pal is not around.
A mind-blowing dystopia

The story is set in a highly detailed game world, told in stunning hand-drawn animated cutscenes, and elaborated in dialogs full of irony. Tragic and intriguing fates of the supporting characters will immerse you into the human world of the far future, where moral and ethical issues trouble the mind more than ever. Search for the truth and prepare for incredible twists and turns.
Unique visual style

Through the artistic lens of 80-90 retro sci-fi aesthetics, the game carefully renders a variety of futuristic 2D visuals mixed with the dark cosmic atmosphere.