Try out the new map ‘Vegas Chapel’ as Hellbreach: Vegas, the Wave-Based FPS enters the next development phase!

As the Steam FPS Fest starts at 19.00 CEST/10.00 PT, the wave-based First-Person Shooter Hellbreach: Vegas reflects on the various patches and launches a fresh demo, a new map, and various other changes as it enters phase 2. To celebrate this next step Ash has prepared this trailer to display the map for you:

Single-handedly developed by Ashley Ellis, Hellbreach: Vegas was well received by the community and media as it launched into Early-Access on March 11th, 2024. Since then Ashley Ellis has worked hard to implement the community feedback chasing his mission of making the best possible version of Hellbreach: Vegas. 

Phase 1 concludes with a bunch of fixes, a new map, a new weapon, updated character models, new character cosmetics, new weapon cosmetics and plenty of other small changes. Check out our detailed patch notes here!

In Hellbreach: Vegas it’s all about how long players can survive as hordes of Demons invade Vegas. Whether as a solo survivor or in a team of up to four, players must kill, earn cash, and take a spin on fruit machines to survive till the next round! With multiple maps to explore and master and over 19 weapons to choose from, the challenge of staying alive will constantly double down. 

PC Gamer’s Ted Litchfield attests that Hellbreach: Vegas “…is a perfect “catch up with your buds” game.” and “…it perfectly replicates the cramped, frantic wave shooter gameplay I remember, but with its own arsenal”. Get a first impression of the nostalgia-laden experience of Hellbreach: Vegas in the brand-new Phase 1 release trailer!

Developer Ashley Ellis and Iceberg Interactive chose to release the game into Early Access to create room to polish the game to players’ tastes, finalize maps, and implement community feedback over a span of approx. 6 months. With this update the first phase of 4 is done and keeps them on pace with this promise.

Learn more about Hellbreach: Vegas here. Stay tuned for updates and announcements on social media channels, including Twitter (@PlayHellbreach) and (@IcebergInt), as well as the official Hellbreach: Vegas Discord server.