KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced that its head-to-head football simulation game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team will be holding the Dream Championship 2024 tournament. This year will mark the sixth Dream Championship held to date to determine the number one player in the world.

Dream Championship 2024 Official Website


The Dream Championship is an official tournament for Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team hosted by KLab Inc. for players aged 18 years or older. The tournament will use the mobile game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, which is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, and HUAWEI AppGallery.

The first Dream Championship was held in 2019 and this year marks its sixth installment which will be held exclusively online. The tournament was created as the ultimate chance for players to face off against opponents from all over the world to decide who is number one.

Dream Championship 2024 Overview

Competition Format

The Season Qualifiers will begin from May 31.

In the Season Qualifiers, Rank Match Qualifiers will be held where players will compete for Online Points that can be obtained through Rank Matches held in the app. Players that come out on top in the Rank Match Qualifiers will be able to proceed to the Qualifier Tournaments.

Three Seasons will be held for the Season Qualifiers. The five players* that emerge victorious from the Qualifier Tournament of each Season will be granted the privilege of advancing to the Dream Championship 2024 Final Tournament.

*One player from each of the First and Second Seasons will be joined by three players from the Third Season for a total of five players.

Starting July 12, the DREAM CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 Extreme Event Qualifier will begin.

The players ranking number one in the in-app events of both the Japanese and Global versions of the game (two players) will be given the ability to advance to the Dream Championship 2024 Final Tournament.

In addition to the five players that won their way through the Season Qualifiers and the two players that proved themselves in the DREAM CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 Extreme Event Qualifier, last year’s champion will join in the ranks for a combined total of eight players to face off in the Dream Championship 2024 Finals.

Dates (Based in JST/UTC+9)

Season Qualifiers

First Season

・Rank Match Qualifier: From Friday, May 31, 17:00 to Sunday, June 30, 14:00

・Qualifier Tournament: From mid to late July

Second Season

・Rank Match Qualifier: From Sunday, June 30, 17:00 to Wednesday, July 31, 14:00

・Qualifier Tournament: From mid to late August

Third Season

・Rank Match Qualifier: From Wednesday, July 31, 17:00 to Saturday, August 31, 14:00

・Qualifier Tournament: From mid to late September

DREAM CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 Extreme Event Qualifier

・From Friday, July 12, 16:00 to Monday, July 29, 15:59

Dream Championship 2024 Finals (Scheduled to be broadcast on YouTube Live)

・Sunday, October 27, 2024

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change.


The winner of the Dream Championship 2024 tournament will receive an original illustration made by Yoichi Takahashi, the creator of “Captain Tsubasa” himself.

Players that take part in the Dream Championship 2024 Finals and the Qualifier Tournaments will receive Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team and Dream Championship 2024 exclusive merchandise, items that can be used in-game, and more.

In addition, players will be able to obtain more extravagant rewards in the Rank Match Qualifiers than in the usual Rank Matches. Players will also receive in-game badges based on their final rankings for each Season, along with Dreamballs and much more.

For further details, fans are encouraged to keep an eye on the Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team app and the official Dream Championship website.

About Dream Championship 2023

The previous tournament, the Dream Championship 2023, was held online from September to December in 2023.

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