Creators of The Tenants show their estate building simulator!

Ancient Forge, a Polish indie developer known for their very positively received landlord simulator – The Tenants, together with their publisher, Frozen District, owners of the critically acclaimed House Flipper franchise, launches a demo version on Steams’ Next Fest.

The Constructors places players in the role of a developer tasked with revitalizing Wondersville’s urban landscape. As the owner of a construction company, you’ll be engaged in designing new neighborhoods, fulfilling contracts to realize the vision, and managing the delicate balance between client satisfaction and maximizing profits. The game’s tone is encapsulated in the challenging question: Will you play by the rules or cut corners to boost your bottom line?

Playable Demo Unveiled at Steam Next Fest

Adding to the excitement, a playable demo of The Constructors is now available as part of Steam Next Fest. This presents an excellent opportunity for gamers to experience firsthand the intricacies of construction and property management. The demo offers a taste of what’s to come, allowing players to explore The Constructors and the tough life of being a developer before the full game release.

The Constructors producer, Piotr “Majestic” Majewicz talks about the demo and developers’ plans for the game in the new Devlog video. In the upcoming months, Ancient Forge will provide more information about the specific mechanics and the gameplay.

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