Get ready to unleash your inner cat warrior as female-led indie developer Astral Clocktower Studios announces that Kristala is available on June 6th, having prowled its way onto Steam Early Access! Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that saw the game raise over $110,000 (10x its initial goal), Kristala’s Early Access upcoming release offers an adventurous blend of magic, stealth, and acrobatic purr-kour in the dark-fantasy world of Ailur. 

Filling the paws of a ferocious cat warrior blessed with the titular gift of Kristala, players must harness the power of the six sacred Kristals in order to fend off a host of mutated mobs blocking the path ahead. This ain’t no yarn ball fight, however, as Kristala’s challenging souls-like combat requires a well-timed combination of parries, blocks, weapon abilities, explosive spells, and, of course, the natural nimbleness inside every cat!

“Our team has been working hard on Kristala’s development and we look forward to hearing player feedback from next week’s Early Access release,” said Alexis Brutman, Founder and Producer of Astral Clocktower StudiosThe world of Ailur, where the game is set, is full of dark and mysterious creatures, heavy on magic and lore, and even features its own language! We hope players enjoy everything we’ve packed into the release and look forward to sharing more news as the game continues its development journey ahead of its full launch in Q4 2025.”

Some of the heaviest hitters in the metal and deathcore music scenes provide a further edge to the world of Ailur through Kristala’s voice cast. Lend an ear to the epic screams and roars of Will Ramos (Lorna Shore), David Simonich (Signs of the Swarm), Kasey Karlsen (Deadlands), Joe Badolato (Fit for an Autopsy), Paxton Grizzle (Brojob), and David Benites (Renesans). All have given their vocal talents to the monstrous menagerie awaiting players in the Early Access release, with many more well-known vocalists slated to join the full release.

Nine Lives Worth of Features:

  • Devour a lore-rich action RPG featuring refined souls-like combat, classic RPG elements, and an innovative Feline Skill Tree.
  • Master the magic of the ancient Kristals on an epic journey filled with challenging combat, acrobatic parkour, and a mysterious story to unravel.
  • Uncover the source of a dark curse that has mutated Ailur’s inhabitants while battling to become a legendary Raksaka Warrior!

Kristala is out June 6th in Steam Early Access, awaiting players ready to unravel the mystery behind a fiendish curse that has mutated Ailur’s once-peaceful creatures into ferocious foes.  For the latest Kristala news and developments after the release, follow the team on XTikTok, and YouTube.