Juggler Games and Nakayama Games invite players to check out Tarnished Blood – a turn-based game reminiscent of Monster Hunter. Enter the dome, face beasts lurking below, and help the remaining survivors escape forsaken lands. A free game demo is now available as part of Steam’s Next Fest!

Creating extensive combos, dodging deadly attacks and much more with the time-bending battle mechanics is just the beginning of what Tarnished Blood has to offer. Travel to the forgotten world and face the Old Ones before madness takes over your protagonist’s body. This radical environment will not have mercy on anyone and broken jaws, traumas and permanent damage are just the tip of the iceberg that players will have to endure in this world.

Embark on a treacherous journey as Tarnished Blood will test players’ resilience. Check it out on Steam and check out its demo during Steam’s Next Fest, which is now available. Add it to your wishlist, and stay tuned for the release date coming soon!

Useful Links:

Juggler Games – official website
Tarnished Blood – Steam
Tarnished Blood – Discord
Tarnished Blood – X (Twitter)
Tarnished Blood – Facebook