FunPlus’ strategy mobile & PC game hosts the first alliances competition of the year accompanied by a new theme song, ‘Momentum’

Players and alliances can register from now in-game

FunPlus, one of the largest independent  game companies in the world, is thrilled to announce State of Survival Doomsday Open Season 2, the first tournament of 2024 set to ignite the flames of the competition across the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the strategy mobile & PC game. Players and their alliances can register to participate in the in-game event , seizing the opportunity to compete and vie to win big rewards.

Inspired by the triumph of State of Survival’s Reservoir Raid & Path of the Water tournaments  in 2023, the Doomsday Open Season 2 challenges commanders and alliances to compete for the most precious resource in the post-apocalyptic world, testing leadership, teamwork, and tactical finesse. The winning alliances will secure exclusive HQ Skins and emblematic tokens to celebrate their prowess in the Doomsday Open 2024. 

For this occasion, the State of Survival team has produced an anthem in the form of a song called ‘Momentum’ to uplift and inspire players throughout this epic journey.

Event Timeline: 

  • Registration: Players are encouraged to register from February 12th to 16th. They must assemble allies, formulate strategies, and enter the arena. 
  • Group Stage (3 rounds): The battle royale unfolds from February 19th to March 2nd, with only the strongest navigating these initial skirmishes to emerge victorious.
  • Top 16 Knockout: From March 5th to 23rd, the intensity amplifies as top contenders clash head-on in do-or-die matches, allowing only the elite to advance.
  • Top 8 Double Elimination: The stakes rise from March 24th to April 15th. In this brutal crucible, a misstep could cost everything, but will also allow the players a second chance.
  • The Final Showdown: From April 16th to 22nd, players will witness the culmination of skill, strategy, and willpower as the ultimate survivors vie for the championship.

The champion not only claims the title of the ultimate survivor but also receives an exclusive, custom-designed prize package.