Squido Studio is excited to announce Anarchitects, an innovative VR/MR sandbox game set to redefine the boundaries of virtual and mixed reality gaming. Unveiling at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), Anarchitects combines the limitless creativity of platforms such as Roblox with an easy to use physics based drag-and-drop system akin to Garry’s Mod allowing for unparalleled creativity and interaction in a full real time multiplayer environment.

Anarchitects is a VR/MR sandbox game that offers an innovative platform for players to build, play, and share their creations with no scripting or coding involved. With its intuitive drag-and-drop system and groundbreaking real time multiplayer physics, Anarchitects introduces a level of creativity and interaction never seen before in any video game. Whether creating intricate puzzles, a 0 gravity team shooter, or board games, the possibilities within Anarchitects are limitless. Create, play, and share mini-games in VR with little to no loading times.

Worldwide Reveal Countdown and Website Launch

In anticipation of its global unveiling, Squido Studio has launched a new website featuring a countdown to Anarchitects’ worldwide reveal. Fans and enthusiasts are encouraged to join the countdown and be the first to witness the future of VR/MR gaming.

Watch Our Worldwide Reveal Trailer on March 15th, 2024: anarchitects.gg