Love is in the air (and also on Steam)

Singapore-based publisher Soft Source Publishing, in partnership with developers Niji Games and MelonCat, are pleased to announce the release of Matchmaker Agency, available now on Steam for $19.99!

Save your agency or doom it to failure in this visual novel/immersive sim, where your business will live or die depending on your ability to find successful matches for your clients. Interview clients, scout the perfect location for dates, and quickly learn what it takes to fulfil people’s romantic hopes and dreams. Buy Matchmaker Agency on Steam now!

Inspired by visual novel titles such as NOVECT’s The House in Fata Morgana and VisualArts’ Little Busters!Matchmaker Agency sees you pick from a variety of procedurally generated clients, analysing their traits and comparing their profiles against others that have requested your help. As the owner of a struggling agency, you’re under pressure to make successful pairings against the clock to earn some money and pay your landlord, while growing the reputation of your matchmaking business. If you feel that your landlord can wait a while longer, you can purchase some much needed upgrades for your agency, or invest it in advertising to draw in better quality clientele.

Investigation is at the core of the experience in Matchmaker Agency, with each client having a unique blend of perks, personality types, and personal tastes. Gifts and locations will need to be researched too, giving your matches the best chance of finding that spark. You’ll have to be careful when selecting matches too, as special clients are present throughout the game, with larger impacts on the overall reputation of the agency.

Help your clients find love this Valentine’s Day with Matchmaker Agency, out on Steam!