Wobble your way around an ever-changing island in the very special demo

Developer Radical Forge’s exciting farmstead sandbox game Southfield, has released its first ever public demo as part of Steam Next Fest. Be one with the Bud, who was catapulted into existence from the very dirt beneath, in this chaotic, physics-based farming game. Come visit Southfield island, build a cozy home to call your own, and invite friends to hang out.

 charming island of Southfield beckons you to channel your bounciest vibes and become one with the Bud, a mysterious creature that sprang from the soil. Grow weird and wonderful crops, play and build with an array of fun toys, and roll or race your friends across the ever-changing Island. Combine chaotic crops with unpredictable effects, build your dream farmstead, and experiment with playful machinery. 

Expand your harvest with fun farming automation, help out the local inhabitants, side-step the mischievous Ruffians, and investigate the looming Monolith.

What to expect in the demo:

  • Combine chaotic crops with unpredictable effects
  • Experiment with playful machinery and toys
  • Explore the Island in endlessly creative ways
  • Track your discoveries in your trusty Almanac
  • Help the locals by completing quests

Wishlist Southfield on Steam today and start planning your dream farm-island escape. For more news and updates, follow Southfield on Twitter and Instagram.