Unveils a New Era of Survival Gaming

Prepare for an immersive journey into the primitive and mysterious world of Soulmask; Qooland Games present a groundbreaking sandbox game emphasizing an authentic survival experience. For the first time, players can delve into this unexplored world with the release of the Steam Next Fest Demo from 25th,Jan to 12nd,Feb, offering a massive 40-hour glimpse into the challenges and thrills that await in this unique game.

Uncover the Secrets of a Mysterious Civilization: In Soulmask, players assume the role of the last one, blessed with a mystical mask, tasked with surviving in a land rich in enigmatic beliefs and ancient civilizations. Start with nothing and embark on a quest to explore, build, recruit tribesmen, and ultimately unravel the veiled truths of this world’s past civilizations.

Dominate in a World Where Survival is Paramount: As players navigate through a world bustling with diverse, lifelike creatures, the question arises: will you rise as the apex hunter or fall prey to the wilderness? Master the art of survival, learn from your environment, and ascend the food chain while steering clear of dangers like ferocious black panthers.

A New Era of Tribal Leadership: Soulmask introduces a revolutionary AI system for managing intelligent tribesmen, enabling players to efficiently handle tasks like farming, production, and defense. From automatically satisfying their needs to helping with inventory management, tribesmen can add to the experience instead of becoming a chore. This innovative approach allows players to lead their tribe without getting bogged down in mundane management details.

Engage in Realistic, Physics-Based Combat: The game provides 8 different types of weapons and  boasts an array of 58 combat styles and skills, each reflecting real-world physics. Whether you prefer the brute force of a giant sword or the of gauntlets, Soulmask offers a combat experience tailored to every player’s style.

Unlock the Power of Masks in Soulmask: Players can collect an array of unique masks each with their own traits and abilities that change the game in a variety of ways allowing players to shape their exploration and combat to their own style. 

The game supports both offline single-player and online multiplayer modes, with the ability to host private servers for a personalized gaming experience.

The Steam Next Fest Demo of Soulmask is a unique opportunity for players to experience the harsh yet captivating world of primitive survival and ascendancy. Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to set foot in the untamed lands of Soulmask. Players can download the demo now here.