Which Means It’s Coming Out Later This Year – And You Can’t Stop It!

Coridden, an inventive new action-RPG from Sweden-based developer Aftnareld that is being published in summer 2024 by Anshar Publishing has reached it’s Kickstarter goal with over two weeks to go. You can still contribute to the Kickstarter campaign at Kickstarter Link, and a free demo of the game can be downloaded now at Steam webpage during the Steam Remote Play Together Fest (Feb 12-19). Coridden will also be featured later this month during Steam’s Dinos vs Robots event (geez, Steam really has a LOT of events, don’t they?).

Coridden follows a family of warriors who become the enemies they defeat – any enemy. If you can fight it, you can be it. Developer Aftnareld crafted every battle so you can approach it however you wish, whether you’re a formidable magic monster or a plain ol’ human. Coridden lets you nurture or neglect your human and monster skills as you see fit to create a unique playstyle all your own, combining abilities, making new weapons, and pulling off wild experimental combos in tense, real-time battles.

There’s a lot going on at any moment, but if it all gets too much for one person, you can team up with friends for four-player co-op. As Rock, Paper, Shotgunput it so eloquently in their preview,”Coridden is a druids-only Baldur’s Gate 3 party.” (Except you can’t play “Horsey” in BG3 – and Coridden is all about the Horsey).

Shapeshifting gives you an edge outside of combat as well. Monsters come in all forms and specialties, and some grant you new skills to reach hidden areas and solve challenging puzzles. You can shapeshift at any point during battle or exploration and forge your own path through the darkness – assuming it doesn’t consume you first.


●   Monster merging – Become the foes you defeat, using their mighty powers to explore the world and outwit your devious foes
●   A family affair – Play as one of four siblings, whose unique personalities influence how you view Heera and relate to the people who call it home
●   Flexible fights – Every battle is a puzzle that you decide the solution for
●   All for one – Go it alone or team up with three friends in multiplayer co-op