Today Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, released the highly anticipated action-RPG Dragon’s Dogma™ 2 on PlayStation®5 (PS5®), Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. This sequel to the 2012 classic Dragon’s Dogma™ features a richly detailed and deeply explorable fantasy world built using Capcom’s RE ENGINE, where individual choices and creativity allow players to shape their own experience. In addition to the standard version of Dragon’s Dogma 2, a Deluxe Edition containing the “New Journey Pack” includes in-game items to help your Arisen on their journey, such as a Wakestone, Rift Crystals, a Dragon’s Dogma Music and Sound Collection, access to a custom Camping Kit, and more that will be available.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a narrative-driven action RPG that places players in an immersive fantasy world as the Arisen, a champion whose heart is stolen by the Dragon. You will lead a party of up to three AI companions known as Pawns, including your custom main Pawn, and up to two additional Pawns that can be recruited offline or from other players while online. While the sequel’s setting mirrors the lush rolling hills of the classic Dragon’s Dogma™ and its Dark Arisen expansion, this original adventure takes place in a parallel world containing two nations with distinct approaches to the Dragon threat. Queen Regent Disa has installed a false Arisen to maintain control of the kingdom of Vermund for her son. Meanwhile, the beastren nation of Battahl considers the otherworldly Pawns to be a source of misfortune and have turned to worship of the Lambent Flame and their high priestess Nadinia to ward off calamity.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 harnesses the power of the RE ENGINE to create a world map about four times the size of the original world of Dragon’s Dogma and is densely populated with enemies, events, and locations rendered with the latest graphical technology. The environment is complemented by immersive physics and character AI that brings Pawns, monsters, and NPCs to life. Pawns organically guide players to new locations, dynamically cooperate during battle, and even react to special moments such as celebrating narrow victories with high-fives. Monsters new and old encourage players to devise numerous strategies to succeed in combat, or even avoid it all together. NPCs, such as the bow-wielding Ulrika who has a deep connection to the Arisen, Nadinia the high priestess of the beastren, or a variety of other unique characters will form intricate relationships with the Arisen that set the stage for nuanced story moments. Shape your own adventure through the relationships you form with over 1000 NPCs that inhabit this world.

Before embarking on each quest of your journey, it is essential to organize your party: understand each member’s strengths and weaknesses; decide what your strategy will be; and tactically select the Vocations for your Arisen, Main Pawn, and hired Pawns. The choice is yours to form a balanced party spread across multiple vocations, a purely offensive party of magical powerhouses, a burly crew of two-handed warriors, or anything in between. When players start their journey in Dragon’s Dogma 2, they will be able to choose their desired playstyle among the four initially available Vocations: Fighter, Archer, Thief, and Mage. Players can change the vocation of their Arisen and main Pawn at any time by visiting Vocation Guilds throughout the world and unlock new vocations such as the Mystic Spearhand, Trickster, and Warfarer as they progress through the game by finding and forming bonds with the Maisters of each vocation. Players interested in getting a head start on designing their Arisen and Main Pawn can download the “Character Creator & Storage” tool, available for free on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. This tool allows players to create five designs for their Arisen and Main Pawn that will be instantly transferred to the full game.