SAND LAND has released a new 9-minute trailer to give players an overview of the extensive gameplay to experience, before they set off into the sandy horizon and beyond with Fiend Prince Beelzebub, Sheriff Rao and Thief, on a quest towards the Legendary Spring!

Throughout their epic journey riddled with enemies such as hostile monsters, bandits and the King’s Royal Army, players will have to take matters into their own hands to defeat them. In combat mode, Beelzebub is a feisty fighter who uses powerful attacks, but also stealth, to quickly take the enemy out. The experience earned after each battle enables players to progressively power-up, getting new unique skills for him and his companions.

Moreover, vehicles are incredibly resourceful tools in the game as well. With the help of a new ally named Ann, they can be customised and upgraded to discover new locations and fight off enemies that will only get tougher as the gang starts to venture into greener and lushier territories. 

Machinery and combat skills won’t be the only ones needing upgrades as Beelzebub and his friends will stumble upon the desolated city of Spino. Despite its current state, it is full of potential for players to breathe life back into it and call it home: as the adventure progresses, the city will grow and evolve, adding new merchants, quests and options to prepare yourself before the next adventure. 

SAND LAND is set to release on 26th April 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and PC.