Jagex is thrilled to reveal the roadmap for beloved MMO RuneScape, giving fans a look ahead at the rest of the year. Livestreamed earlier today, this roadmap reveals the exciting new game mode, Group Ironman, as well as a preview of the new Story Quests, Skilling updates, boss fights and more heading to Gielinor throughout 2024.

Coming this autumn, prepare for an all-new way to play as Group Ironman comes to RuneScape. Celebrating 10 years since the launch of the original Ironman Mode, the new Group Ironman mode provides an incredible way to re-experience RuneScape with your friends, where success and skills are earned through gathering and crafting, without Grand Exchange, player trading or PvP XP. Put your skills to the test in this punishing new mode, designed for veteran groups seeking a new challenge.

Players will need to prepare themselves for battle with the launch of a new boss dungeon, the Sanctum of Rebirth, this July; a brand-new style of combat encounter for RuneScape. Step into this 1-4 player Boss Dungeon to face multiple bosses back-to-back, with brand new Magic Duel Wield weapons and a new upgrade item available to those who conquer its biggest challenges. 

For those less combat-oriented, there will also be a new Skilling Boss launched later in the year which will tie into the Sanctum of Rebirth and the new Story Quests. Both of these news bosses are being developed in partnership with the community who will be able to give feedback on these pieces of content in the coming weeks.

Then, later in the year, and following on from the events of April’s chilling quest Requiem for a Dragon, players can look forward to the next chapters in RuneScape’s epic storyline with two new Story Quests. Both quests will continue the Bilrach storyline, and the first of these will lead players directly into Sanctum of Rebirth this autumn.

Additional Seasonal Events will also return throughout 2024, with a visit to The Beach coming this summer, a new Halloween event later in the autumn, and finally the return of the Christmas Village update rounding out 2024. Each Seasonal Event will feature a range of activities for players to discover, with a themed Hub, seasonal quest, new characters, and earnable rewards.

For the full details on everything announced in today’s roadmap, visit the website or watch the Twitch stream.

RuneScape is available now on PCSteamiOS, and Android, complete with cross-platform progression and play on PC and mobile.