Spanish indie studio Perla Oculta announces its visual novel Chromatic Memories, an adventure set in the Canary Islands in the early 2000s. In a world where technology has made it possible to tinker with people’s minds, the so-called painters of memories can access and alter the people’s brains, changing or even erasing their memories. Chromatic Memories will be released on Steam very soon (launch date to be announced soon). 

Nayara wakes up one day and feels something’s off: she realizes some items in her house are missing, and there are things out of place that she can’t remember well. It won’t be long until she finds out that, as a painter of memories, she has been erasing her own past recollections. Now, Nayara will set on a journey to discover what she was trying to hide forever: she will dive deep into her past, talk to people that were present in some of those memories and gather bits and pieces of information that will help her solve this mystery. Once Nayara gathers all the information about one of her memories, she will have to put all the pieces together until all of them make sense and unlock new steps in her investigation.

In Chromatic Memories, Nayara will also have the ability to tie specific memories to emotions and even to different points in time. Thanks to the use of pigments, Nayara will be able to craft new colors via minigames that will allow players to better remember certain passages of her life or to visit events that happened at the same location but in different moments. Even looking for contacts of people she hasn’t seen recently will help her get in touch with old friends that may hold the key to her sudden loss of memory.


  • Embark on a cozy visual novel about grief, loss, memory and acceptance
  • Explore a world set in an alternate version of the Canary Islands (Spain) in the 00s
  • Navigate your own memories, investigating the scene and talking to all the characters to get the main facts
  • Get new pigments as you advance in your investigation, and play minigames to craft new colors with them that you can use in your investigation 
  • Search for old phone numbers from the past that you can call from your present to reconnect with lost friends and hear their stories, or even discover new details about Nayara’s life and world
  • Enjoy an eye-catching Fauvist art style, inspired by avant-garde artists from the early 20th century