Independent development studio CUBUS GAMES SL, is releasing REARVIEW MIRROR, a narrative videogame on Steam Early Access today at $3.99 USD.

REARVIEW MIRROR is a game set in a corrupt and dangerous world, focusing on Salvatore Marino’s quest for redemption after serving time in prison. Despite his desire to leave his criminal past behind and rebuild his life, he finds himself pulled back into shady dealings as he becomes a reluctant driver for his former associates. 

Caught between his longing for a fresh start and the temptations of his past, Salvatore must navigate his journey while facing the challenges posed by his passengers and his own inner demons. 

The full version of the game will entail completing the remaining nine episodes of the scripted story, mirroring the work already accomplished in the first three episodes available in the Early Access version.


  • Immersive Adventure Setting: Rearview Mirror is a game set in a perilous world, experienced through a dangerous car journey.
  • Protagonist’s Journey: Salvatore Marino seeks redemption after losing everything due to his principles.
  • Central Conflict: Salvatore faces the dilemma of rebuilding his life or succumbing to past temptations.
  • Obstacles and Choices: Hindered by his criminal record, he reluctantly takes a job from ex-criminals, discovering their illegal dealings.
  • Temptation: A seductive woman adds further temptation, testing Salvatore’s resolve to stay on the right path.