Publishers Maximum Entertainment and Fabloo Games are happy to announce that the mind-twisting puzzle game Quadroids is part of Steam Next Fest beginning today. Gamers are invited to test their puzzle-solving skills by demoing the first levels of Quadroids; can you claim a victory? Dive headfirst into the single-player puzzle platformer today on Steam:

Quadroids challenges gamers to navigate four screens simultaneously using a single button per screen. Timing is not just crucial, it is the key to unlocking success and earning the prestigious title of “Employee Of The Month”. Think you’ve got what it takes? Test your skills with an exclusive sneak peek into the game’s toughest and most mind-bending levels, cleverly concealed within the demo.

At launch, Quadroids will feature gameplay extras for streamers to play with their community:

  • Twitch Plays Quadroids: Hand over control to your viewers, allowing them to manage one or more screens. For the ultimate challenge, let them take command of all four screens using commands like !top_left, !top_right, !bottom_left, and !bottom_right to guide the Quadroids through each part of the screen.
  • Volunteers!: Players can actively participate by typing “!volunteer” in the Twitch chat. The next Quadroid to jump into the game will bear the name of the volunteer, creating a personalized and unforgettable gaming experience. Handle with care, as sacrificing these volunteers is not advised!

Note : Twitch functions will be available through the PC version via Steam upon launch.

Quadroids is expected to release this Winter 2024 on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.