The PlayStation version of the free-to-play open-world RPG “Tower of Fantasy”, published by Perfect World Games, has launched version 4.0 “Gesthos Sector” today. In this major update, the players will take into a new urban-style open world, filled with futuristic and sci-fi elements, featuring the debut of the new Simulacrum Roslyn! Additionally, don’t miss out on the events, you can get up to 289 free pulls! 

Japanese popular cosplayer Iori Moe will attend an offline meetup event at EDION YOKOHAMA in Japan on June 8th. Free rewards will also be distributed onsite during the event. Don’t miss out!

Explore Gesthos Sector, The New Open World

Gesthos, the supercomputer located at the headquarters of Hykros. It fell into a shutdown state due to a virus invasion, potentially causing a severe Omnium crisis. To find the virus that threatens the Gesthos system, the Wanderer will become an Authorizer, uploading the Wanderer’s consciousness into a virtual world calculated by it – The Gesthos Network World, also known as The Network World. It perfectly replicates the real Aida before the Cataclysm, possessing advanced Omnium technology, with a flourishing technological revolution, which contributes to making the Network World a prosperous city.

A friendly tip: after the version 4.0 is released, newcomers won’t need to complete the whole previous chapters, you’re granted direct passage to the latest marvel—the Gesthos Sector!

The player’s first locale upon arrival is Aesperia. Towering buildings and shimmering holographic billboards complement each other, while aircraft of all sizes shuttle through the sky above the city. Here, the player can navigate through the urban landscape along gravity rail, enjoy leisurely vacations along the coast of Astra, and experience the beauty of the integration of technology and nature. the player can also delve deeper into this world through puzzle-solving gameplay and exploration tasks.

Meet Roslyn: A Federation Officer

The limited order of new Simulacrum “Roslyn”, accompanied by Frost and Volt weapon “Calm Waters”, and Roslyn’s Matrices, are all available today. At the beginning of your journey in Aesperia, you will meet Roslyn, a newly minted dedicated special officer of The Federation who is responsible but somewhat talkative. She works tirelessly to apprehend criminals while also being eager to help others, making her a reliable ally.  

Roslyn once personally removed a giant ship anchor from her grandfather’s old ship, the Calm Waters, and repurposed it into her weapon, naming it Calm Waters. Calm Waters is a frost/volt attribute weapon, functioning as a mid-range weapon that emphasizes combat manoeuvrability. The swift movements of the short blade and the giant anchor alternate with graceful flips from Roslyn, delivering chain bursts of damage with fluid and elegant motions.

Offline Event in Japan

Tower of Fantasy PS5 Package Edition is now available! As part of the celebration, Tower of Fantasy PlayStation Edition is excited to invite ultra-popular Japanese cosplayer, Iori Moe, to be the one-day store manager of the offline event at EDION YOKOHAMA, 6th floor, from 13:00 to 16:30 on June 8th. A variety of activities and rewards await attendees. For more information, please visit “Tower of Fantasy” official channels. 

Don’t Miss Out on Exciting Events

Following the launch of version 4.0, the incredibly popular simulacrum, Lan, will join the free pick SSR weapon pool! We have also prepared various activities. By participating in sign-ins, TwitchDrops, and version-exclusive events, players can accumulate up to 289 draws, 1600 Dark Crystal. Additionally, players can get a free dandelion vehicle, Fluffy, filled with natural charm.