KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of the popular free-to-play Mobile RPG GrandChase, began the pre-registration for Elesis(S), the Dark Alter Ego of Elesis, on February 6, 2024. With her release, there will also be various events to help player progression.

Elesis(S) is a Special Hero born from the despair at the death of Elesis’ father Elscud. As an Alter Ego of Elesis, Elesis(S) is a shade, a fragment of Elesis’ soul tormented by the despair and suffering Elesis goes through. When Elesis perishes, Elesis(S) goes dormant until she wakes up again with another Elesis. As she goes through different moments of time and space, Elesis(S) continues to suffer the emotional torment of Elesis one after another. After humanity and patience has eroded away, Elesis(S) sets out to exact the suffering she has received out onto the world. Her first target is to carve out the source of her torment: Elesis.
Players who participate in the Pre-Registration Event will be able to register to receive the new Alter Ego Hero Elesis(S). Players who sign up for Pre-Registration will be able to undergo an event to raise Elesis(S) to the maximum power: +15 Transcendence, Chaser Rank 25, and Soul Imprint Rank 15. On top of that, players will be able to receive 1 Costume Suit Avatar and Effect Profile Border as well. Upon logging in after the pre-registration period ends, players will receive all items in the System Mail tab of the mailbox.
Please visit the pre-registration page for the full calendar or login to GrandChase for more details.

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