PlaySide Publishing and Zugalu Entertainment are pleased to share that Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown has released its first public demo as part of Steam Next Fest.

The Next Fest Demo is live now until February 12, with a whole new world of exciting updates to explore in Nysamor. Players can experience some of Thrive’s highly anticipated features for the first time, including Multiplayer, Waelgrim Surges, Waelbeast encounters, the AI controlled Wyrmaxa Kingdom, and includes over 10 hours of single-player gameplay alongside a ton of updated gameplay systems.

Importantly, this is your final chance to experience Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown prior to our Early Access launch later this year!

Download the demo NOW via Steam and join in the conversation on Discord!

Participation in Steam Next Fest comes off the back of a successful Closed Beta late last year, which saw thousands of players jump in to explore Nysamor for the first time. Expect more exciting details on Early Access in the coming months.

Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown is a complex, medieval city-building game with real-time combat, for up to four players. Your kingdom’s destiny depends heavily on the choices you make, driven by an extensive narrative event system.

All decisions matter in Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown. Will you be a kind or cruel ruler? Your choices will directly affect the society you create and the world around you. Choose wisely and help your kingdom thrive.

The demo will include:

  • Updated gameplay:
    • City Building
    • Resource Collection
    • Population Growth
    • Trade Routes
    • Combat including NPC combat with Grimrot and Waelbeasts
    • Multiplayer
    • Waelgrim surges and first Waelbeast encounter
    • Wyrmaxan AI faction
  • Narrative complete up to Act 1 (same as Closed Beta) 
  • Estimated 10 hours of play time 
  • Supported languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese
  • Changes based on beta feedback:
  • Fixes to the tutorial flow 
  • Multiplayer improvements
  • Performance optimisation 
  • UI improvements