Get ready for an adventure full of pirate challenges and fun with Party Pirates, a new game from Simplicity Games, whose launch on Steam is just around the corner! Party Pirates is an exciting, couch co-op game for up to 4 players, combining the best elements of dynamic party games like Overcooked with an added dash of pirate madness.

In Party Pirates, players take on the roles of pirates, battling for treasure and fame on the high seas. The game offers a variety of gameplay modes and challenges that will provide hours of engaging fun. From puzzles to thrilling sword fights, there’s something for everyone.

Produced and published by the independent Polish studio Simplicity Games, known for titles like Czółko, Volleyball Challenge, and the warmly received Brain Show, Party Pirates marks a significant step forward in the studio’s portfolio, elevating their game development experience to a whole new level.
“Party Pirates is our vision of the ideal party game, where players can enjoy shared fun, competition, and strategy in a pirate world. We wanted to create a game that combines excitement and humor, while being accessible to players of all ages,” says CEO of Simplicity Games, Tomasz Dyrak.
Party Pirates offers simple and intuitive gameplay that is easy to master but also provides depth and strategy for more experienced players. The game will be available in Polish and English versions, allowing players from different countries to join in the fun together.
Party Pirates – Key Features:

  • Couch co-op game in a pirate world;
  • For up to 4 players simultaneously;
  • Various gameplay modes and challenges;
  • Simple and accessible gameplay;
  • Available in Polish and English language versions.

The release date of Party Pirates on Steam will be announced soon.