Oodles of content have been added to the popular party game to celebrate the holiday and Steam Deck support, including several new characters and outfits, a free Friend Pass and Battle Pass, and a new “Team Score” map!

Recreate Games knows how to both party and work hard! Several updates and additions to their banger brawler, Party Animals, have been implemented since its launch a few months ago. This announcement highlights some recently added content and upcoming additions that have yet to be publicly announced! Information about the new map, Friend Pass, Battle Pass, full Steam Deck support, and several new skins and characters are outlined below.

New Team Score Map – Luggage Chaos!

A brand new Team Score map, aptly named “Luggage Chaos,” adds havoc to the hassle of handling luggage at an airport. Working as a team, players must carry luggage toward their base. However, players cannot carry luggage through the security checkpoint themselves and must use the conveyor belt to move luggage toward their base and run to the other side to get it. Unlike an actual airport, throwing luggage (and opponents who get in the way) is highly encouraged!

Friend Pass

The recently added Friend Pass allows players to invite friends to enjoy the cute chaos through Steam, with only one person needing to own Party Animals. The Friend Pass is only available on Steam, but Xbox players can send a cross-platform invite as long as their friend can play on Steam! Friends can download the Friend Pass version from the Steam store page at no cost. Once the player and friend have added each other as in-game friends, the full-version owner can invite their friend to join their team or lobby. The Friend Pass works for one friend at a time.  

Players with the Friend Pass can load up the game, but they must receive an invite from a player with the full version to participate in Quick Matches and Custom Games. While Friend Pass players can level up and obtain in-game achievements as usual, any rewards and platform-specific achievements they earn will have to be unlocked within the full version of the game. If they buy the game later, all the rewards earned while playing with the Friend Pass will be immediately granted!

Shen Loong Battle Pass

The free Shen Loong Battle Pass offers a variety of unlockable skins, avatars, and frames. Players can earn rewards across 15 levels by playing the game, completing daily Battle Pass challenges, or with Nemo Bucks. This Battle Pass is available between February 8th and February 25th (12:00:00 GMT+8 to 12:00:00 GMT+8).

Steam Deck Support

Party Animals is officially optimized and fully supported on the Steam Deck! Adjustments to the UI have been made to provide an optimal gaming experience on the go.

New Characters

The New Year update includes seven new playable characters available for purchase with Cookies from February 8th onwards, each just as cute as the rest of the Party Animals cast!

  • Dundun (Pallascat)
  • Kola (Koala)
  • Spike (Hedgehog)
  • Shin (Elephant)
  • Snow (Samoyed)
  • Sunny (English Bulldog)
  • Lotus (Year of the Dragon/Loong)
    • Login gift between February 8 – 25th. Available in-store from March 1st.

New Skins

Alongside expanding the cast of characters comes several wardrobe options with 27 new skins to collect. Here’s the complete list with release dates (GMT+8) and details on how to acquire them:

  • 10 Zodiac
    • Cloud Lotus – February 8, Battle Pass
    • Jade Lotus – February 8, Battle Pass
    • Ice Lotus – February 8, Battle Pass
    • Foliage Lotus – February 8, Battle Pass
    • Thunder Lotus – February 8, Battle Pass
    • Void Lotus – February 8, Battle Pass
    • Shen Long – February 8, Battle Pass
  • 2 Historical Figures – Inspired by Baozheng and Zhanzhao
    • Guard Snow – February 2 (Nemo Bucks)
    • Justice Levi – February 2 (Nemo Bucks)
  • 5 Lion Dance – Available first as Drops on various regional streaming platforms, then available to all regions in-store from March 1st:
    • Lion Dance Coco –  January 31 (Twitch Drop)
    • Lion Dance Otta – February 1 (Xiaohongshu Drop)
    • Lion Dance Max – February 1 (Kuaishou Drop)
    • Lion Dance Nemo – February 3 (TikTok Drop)
    • Lion Dance Macchiato – February 8 (BiliBili Drop)
  • 5 Greek Gods
    • Hades Levi – January 26 (Nemo Bucks)
    • Cerberus Sunny – January 26 (Cookies)
    • Aphrodite Carrot – January 26 (Cookies)
    • Zeus Nemo – January 26 (Nemo Bucks)
    • Athena Macchiato – January 26 (Cookies)
  • 3 Braveheart
    • Brave Fluffy – January 26 (Cookies)
    • Princess Carrot – February 2 (Cookies)
    • Longshanks Sunny – February 9 (Cookies)
  • 3 Valentine’s Day
    • Valentine’s Max – February 14 – 21 (Only as gift)
    • Valentine’s Macchiato – February 14 – 21 (Only as gift)
    • Apple Harry – February 14 (Log-in gift, Available in-store February 14)
  • 1 God of Wealth
    • God of Wealth Barbie – February 13 (Nemo Bucks)

Expect to see many more updates and exciting announcements in the near future! Party Animals is available on PC and Xbox One / Series X|S), and is included in the Xbox GamePass subscription. Keep an eye out for the announcements being revealed later this month! Stay up to date with all things Party Animals on the official websiteTwitter/XFacebook, and Discord.