One Thousand Acts of Decency is an episodic murder-mystery visual novel which released in mid-January of 2024, featuring logic puzzles, a cast of oddball characters, and a set of wholly original music and art assets. The first case of 1000AoD (which is about four hours in runtime,) is available for free at

One Thousand Acts of Decency is set in a world with a dramatically rising homicide rate- a murder rate so out-of-control that drastic measures have been taken to curb the growing problem. A controversial new policing measure known simply as The Dome is put into place. The Dome is used to cordon off crime scenes whenever and wherever a murder occurs, trapping not just the killer within the vicinity, but any innocent passersby, as well. In a distinctly hands-off approach, the solving of the mystery is left solely at the discretion of those unlucky enough to be trapped inside with the killer- with the group being required to come to a complete consensus as to who the murderer is within just eight short hours.

The player is thrust into the shoes of one of these unfortunate civilians- Chive O’Higgins, a college student residing in Cleveland, Ohio. He, along with his cousin, Shallot Fogg, wake up one morning to find a dead body stabbed to death within the lobby of their apartment building- a clear-cut case of homicide. As the Dome is dropped over their apartment building, trapping them inside, Chive finds two other individuals condemned to the same situation as him- RJ Miller, a strange-yet-capable aerospace student, and a sleazy con artist named Herb Petters. Working together, the four of them must solve the murder and identify the killer within eight hours if they want to have any hope of escaping the Dome.


  • Search every nook & cranny – Explore a variety of locations throughout the crime scene as you investigate, gathering clues and speaking with other characters, getting a sense of not just what occurred, but who you’re trapped alongside, as well. 
  • Raise your voice – Find contradictions within the theories and testimonies through evidence you gather. As the player breaks through the various layers of lies, obfuscation, and misunderstanding, the truth will get closer and closer. 
  • Use your head – Solve a variety of puzzles to advance the plot. Choosing evidence, pointing out an object in a photo, inquiring for more information; these are all challenges you’ll need to overcome in order to catch the killer. 
  • Take it easy – While the characters may be on a time crunch, the player is not. Since the player can choose to end their investigation once all the critical evidence has been gathered, they can spend as much time as they desire asking the not-so-important questions and viewing as much optional content as they want. 
  • Learn the ropes – Even if you’re not familiar with visual novels or murder-mysteries, One Thousand Acts of Decency has an interactive tutorial to gently ease you into the gameplay loop before the stakes get too high.

Going Forward 

Now that Case One of One Thousand Acts of Decency is released, the second case (which centers around a murder committed within a scrapyard,) is in active development. To support the development of this case, as well as the ones to follow, One Thousand Acts of Decency has an associated Patreon ( which boasts behind-the-scenes content, access to in-game assets, and at higher tiers, even early access to in-development cases and custom artwork. Additionally, updates on the development of subsequent cases, as well as updates to already-released cases, are posted regularly on the developer’s Twitter (

Whether you’re a long-time fan of murder-mysteries, or someone new the genre, I sincerely hope you enjoy your time with One Thousand Acts of Decency!