The popular necromancer simulator is back and bigger and better than ever! Practice assembling Titans and experience the new content during Steam Next Fest in preparation for the full launch on March 27th

Like a dead man reanimated by dark sorcery, the necromancer simulator is back! Alawar is officially inviting all aspiring necromancers to protect the vast lands of Necrosmith 2 with all manner of horrific, grotesque, and downright ridiculous creations. The Necromancer Tower awaits your return when this standalone sequel launches on Steam on March 27th, 2024! In the meantime, check out the freshly crafted Steam Next Fest demo from February 5th to 12th and add it to your Steam wishlist in preparation for the full battle ahead. 

Check out the official release date trailer for a look at the new and improved gameplay:

Necrosmith 2 is a roguelike tower defense necromancer sim that improves upon its predecessor’s already-superb recipe of body parts and magic with the addition of a bunch of new, fancy necromancy features! A better Necromancer Tower with absurd add-ons, labs, and technomagic devices for improved undead parts options. A deeper amount of exploration with an even larger procedurally generated map, new types of biomes and islands, the addition of flying undead, and a day/night cycle to really spice things up. And last but not least, a bigger foe with the introduction of Titans, which you can also build to defend against them! If all that doesn’t have you itching to create a freshly assembled (but not very fresh!) army, the return of the handy Cat companion may be the cherry on top of the undead sundae you’ve been waiting for.

About Necrosmith 2

The necromancer simulator is back. Assemble your undead from different body parts, combining the abilities of various fantasy races. Upgrade your tower and give it a unique look. Fight your way through hordes of enemies in a procedurally generated world and take Titans under control.

Key Features:

  • Undead with Superpowers – Assemble your undead from the body parts of various fantasy races, unlocking countless combinations of attacks and skills. Give them the ability to overcome obstacles, whether it be towering mountains, full-flowing rivers, or lakes of red-hot lava. Under the cover of darkness, your undead are stronger, so do your best to prepare for the dangers of the day.
  • Unique Necromancer Tower – Upgrade the tower with various add-ons and give it a unique look. Build necro labs for growing body parts and technomagic devices that will give you powerful spells and enhance your undead warriors.
  • Procedurally Generated World – Explore dozens of biomes in a procedurally generated world and view the conquered territories on the map. Use suitable body parts when creating the undead, so that they can handle the high mountains, squelchy swamps, and dense forests. 
  • Attack of Titans – This time, you’ll have to face new monsters of gigantic size that can easily destroy your tower. But you also have the chance to create titans and fight back.

Necromancers can begin assembling their undead legions on March 27th, 2024! In the meantime, players can add it to their Steam wishlist and try a taste of the game with the Steam Next Fest demo between February 5th and 12th. To stay up to date on Necrosmith 2, visit the Alawar website, follow on X/Twitter, or join other necromancers in Discord.