Something is not quite right in the quaint town of Rainybrook… as you’ll find out today. Venture to the Vile, the eerie narrative metroidvania from industry veterans Cut to Bits and publisher Aniplex, is out now on PC via Steam. Take a sneak peek at the adventure awaiting you in the launch trailer:

The quaint seaside town of Rainbrook has been overcome by a dark force known as the ‘Vile’, and it’s up to you to explore it and defeat monstrous foes to absorb their powers in this metroidvania, in order to save the town and your friend. But with each new power you absorb, the Vile grows within you, too. The path you take will change the outcome of your adventures, your fate and the town’s.


  • Immerse yourself in a rich and vibrant world filled with stories and secrets to uncover.
  • Meet the charming but peculiar towns folk of Rainybrook, who each have their own stories to tell.
  • Explore the 2.5D world by solving puzzles and fighting monsters in each of its layers
  • Your actions will determine the future of Rainybrook. Will you eradicate the Vile and save the townsfolk, or embrace the monster you’ve become and doom them all?
  • A thoughtfully crafted eerie and ambient soundtrack.

Venture to the Vile is out now on PC via Steam at $24.99, with a 10% launch week discount. The Digital Deluxe Edition of the game includes the stunning original soundtrack as well as a digital copy of the game’s gorgeous companion comic book. Start your adventure in Rainybrook today: