Prepare for the immeasurable journey ahead and choose your own path in the upcoming medieval fantasy RPG and Life-Sim Adventure Mirthwood. Taking part in the Steam Farming Fest, Bad Ridge Games today released a new narrated gameplay trailer showcasing the farming and homestead building systems of the open-world RPG life sim.

In Mirthwood, farming goes beyond tilling and planting; players can cultivate a variety of crops, rear diverse animals, and craft exquisite artisan goods. The game’s versatile building modes—freeform, grid, and snap—allow players to construct their dream homestead exactly how they envision it. This news also brings an exciting dimension of companionship with pets that aren’t just for show; they travel with players, assisting in battles and adventures, and can even engage in falconry, adding a unique layer of strategy and bonding.

Escape to a world where every sunrise brings new opportunities and every companion a story. Key features now include dynamic farming, customizable building options, and an enriching companion system with pets and falconry, ensuring that every player’s journey is uniquely theirs. Experience the enchanting world of Mirthwood, where every day is an adventure filled with warmth and wonder, unless you take a darker path.

Mirthwood instills a captivating sense of adventure while allowing you to choose your own path through its expansive world. Mirthwood is set to launch summer on PC. Eager travelers who wish to start their journey can wishlist Mirthwood on Steam today.