Dark Cozy Life Sim Shows Off RPG Elements, Did Someone Say Falcons?

Prepare for the immeasurable journey ahead and choose your own path in the upcoming medieval fantasy RPG and Life-Sim Adventure Mirthwood. Bad Ridge Games today released a new narrated gameplay trailer showcasing the RPG systems of the open-world life sim.

The new trailer invites players into a meticulously crafted world where questing, looting, exploration, reputation, and character progression intertwine to create a deeply immersive experience. Mirthwood stands out by emphasizing skill development through action; as players engage with the world, their abilities enhance, unlocking unique skill cards that further tailor the gameplay to individual preferences.

No adventure or simple farming life is complete without a trusty pet, these loyal companions can accompany players on their travels, offering both companionship and assistance, or they can be cared for on the homestead, awaiting the player’s return.

Furthermore, the game is expanding its horizons by allowing players to recruit NPC companions who will stand valiantly by their side, combating the myriad dangers that lurk in the shadows of this mystical world. But that’s not all; Bad Ridge Games are also proud to unveil a novel mechanic – falconry. This unique feature enables players to bond with avian friends, who will not only aid in discovering hidden treasures but also play a crucial role in navigating the complex landscapes of Mirthwood.

The path you choose and the gear you wear shape how the denizens of Mirthwood perceive you. Become the lovable comedian by donning a Pumpkin Head, or the reclusive woodsman that would rather have animal companions than humans. The choice is entirely up to you; your adventure can be tranquil and relaxing or as dark and intense as you wish.

The Freelands are vast and cover many landscapes. From charming villages and lush forests to foreboding wastelands and snowy peaks, you will traverse many environments on your adventure. Fret not, though, as you won’t be alone. Cross landscapes with ease with your chosen mount, whether it be a reliable, stable horse, a majestic unicorn, or a menacing steed. Scout what lies ahead and help guide your direction with the keen eyes of your Falcon. Companionship will aid you on your quest as you establish your renown throughout the Freelands.

Mirthwood instills a captivating sense of adventure while allowing you to choose your own path through its expansive world. Mirthwood will be released later this year on PC. Eager travelers who wish to start their journey can wishlist Mirthwood on Steam today.