Megacopter, Blades of the Goddess is ready for takeoff and will release on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux (with SteamDeck support) on 06/21.

Get ready to pilot the Megacopter, a mysterious and ancient helicopter, to bring down the nefarious Reptoids and their evil scheming.

Megacopter features a fully fledged single-player campaign, taking pilots across 4 different biomes and through more than 15 missions. As players progress through the campaign, they will have the opportunity to upgrade their megacopter with an arsenal of modern and science fiction weapons in a way that best suits their play style. Choose between a powerful laser that deals extra damage to armored units or the cluster rockets that seek, sweep, and slay their way through reptoid forces. Additionally, the mysterious AZ-TECH abilities, powered by the destruction of megacopter’s defeated enemies, will unleash ultimate devastation.

The role of controlling a helicopter and the isometric view may bring up some nostalgia for the Strike series (Desert Strike, Jungle Strike). Megacopter expands upon and modernizes this type of action gameplay blending in elements of ARPG and SHMUP games while keeping the gameplay fresh with different mission types such as defense, rescue, bosses, and more!

Megacopter, Blades of the Goddess will be available 06/21, and anyone interested in picking up the game should look to wishlisting the game on Steam, or joining us on Discord at

Megacopter, Blades of the Goddess is a 2D Desert Strike inspired shoot-em-up, placing the players in the shoes of Jack Copter, a pilot with the habit of slaughtering his enemies. Teamed up with the Goddess inhabiting Megacopter, players control the Megacopter through perilous missions to save the Tri-county area from the reptilian onslaught. Players can expect heart pounding, shoot-em-up action and a story that introduces you to Jeff, the Reptoids leader who plans to take over the world through the power of the ‘Hot Cheez’ pizza.

Game Features:

  • 4 Unique Biomes each with multiple stages, where you will pilot the Megacopter through perilous deserts, small towns and hobo villages/
  • Epic Battles against hordes of Reptoids, each with their own powerful weaponry.
  • Story filled to the brim with character, introducing allies and foes alike, each with their own personality.
  • Fully customizable layout where you can choose which weapons and powers to take to the battlefield. Find the right set up and you’ll be melting Reptoid scum in no time.
  • Music penned by Ogresound brings that 80’s synthwave feel, capturing the feeling of classic TV show Airwolf, and games like Desert Strike, which serve as the inspiration for the game.
  • Full Steam Deck compatibility. Slay Reptoids at your desk, on your couch, or even at your local pizza store. 

Megacopter, Blades of Darkness will launch on PC (Windows, Linux, Steamdeck) through Steam 06/21. Make sure to keep an eye on the social media channels and official Steam store for more information and announcements.