Bolverk Games sends players a Valentine by cramming loads of combat content & improvements into their newly released VR FPS adventure.

In a love letter to fans, Bolverk Games has dropped a massive, game-changing update for Genotype, the popular VR FPS adventure that launched in October. Along with two Quest 3 upgrades, this is the third update so far. Having previously expanded on exploration and lore, this update mostly focuses on combat mechanics, weapons, and monsters. Genotype is regularly USD 24.99 but is now on sale for USD 14.99 through Feb. 21st, so it is an ideal time to jump into the game. The update and the sale will be live in the meta quest store circa 10am Pacific Time.

“Introducing new content and mechanics keeps things interesting and dynamic throughout the game, says CTO Lasse Tassing. “Players will see the biggest difference in the mid, and late-game combat situations. Early review feedback suggested that combat could sometimes become repetitive, and that is definitely not the case anymore.”

And a lot has indeed happened!

🔫 5 new radically different weaponized creatures
💪 New upgrade system giving you more choice in how you deal with enemies
🚧 Improved combat spaces to enhance your adrenaline flow
👾 New enemies, fine-tuned behaviors, and better boss fights
💰 Rebalanced loot amounts and ammo costs
🥵 Four difficulty settings and many accessibility options
📝 Even more lore to find in the facility
➕ Atmospheric synth-scapes, resolution equal to PCVR, and much more.

It’s not the first time Genotype players have been spoiled with free extra content. All of the updates were rolled out after receiving player and reviewer feedback, as Bolverk Games remains committed to listening closely to the community and reacting accordingly. “It’s unusual for a newly released VR game to get this much new content so quickly, but we’re sincere about maintaining dialogue with the various communities of VR players, says CEO Bo Bennekov. “Anyone can experience that on our Discord channel, in the reviews section on the Meta Quest store and in the two patches and three updates we’ve sent out already.”