Golfinite is available on Nintendo Switch from today

Golfer, the time has come when you will show what you are really capable of. Grab your club and take on the challenge of Golfinite, the latest golf simulator from RedDeer.Games, developed by Pmurph Games. Take advantage of real-life golf mechanics, a wide range of available equipment, and redeemable skills and prove that you are a true golf champion.

We have already had a laughter-filled competition with Korean friends. There has been an expedition to charming corners around the world, and now it is time for a brand-new treat for golf lovers! And the pixelated Golfinite, is a golf adventure for real professionals.

Here, success will consist of a wide variety of aspects, from the style of play, striking angle, speed, wind direction to the choice of equipment or even the surface of the field. 

Players must show that they are professionals, and technical difficulties are nothing to them or… make the game easier for themselves by buying a bit of, “magical” upgrades.

But there’s more. Depending on the terrain of 4 different locations on which golfers can play, there will be additional obstacles such as scorpions or vortexes, making it harder to achieve victory. Some can even destroy the ball.

Players will take part in training and then in tournaments, where they will face other participants, where they will test their acquired abilities.

Winnings will provide money, and money will provide better equipment. 

And, throughout the game, players will accumulate experience and skill points which they can spend to enhance categories such as Accuracy or Control.

So what do you say? Grab a club, because golf’s eternal glory is waiting to be conquered!

Golfinite is available now on Nintendo Switch consoles and Steam.

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