The latest trailer for DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO pits masters and apprentices together as more and more characters are being revealed. The game, developed by Spike Chunsoft for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, marks the comeback of the iconic Budokai Tenkaichi franchise after more than 15 years.

The below 10 characters join the ever-expanding roster of DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO that now has 61 characters announced:

  • Gohan (Kid)
  • Gohan (Adult)
  • Gohan (Future)
  • Gohan (Future), Super Saiyan
  • Trunks (Sword)
  • Trunks (Sword), Super Saiyan
  • Videl
  • Beerus
  • Whis
  • Master Roshi

DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO’s gravity-defying battles promise to showcase spectacular fights, with each DRAGON BALL character’s signature destructive powers and Ki abilities showcased in stunning detail with damage capable of destroying entire parts of the arena.