Memory’s Reach, the first-person metroidvania-inspired puzzle adventure from industry veteran developer 100 Stones Interactive, invites intrepid explorers to an ancient alien planet on PC via Steam Q4 2024. Investigate the strange world today in the updated demo exhibited at PAX East.

Check out the new teaser trailer revealed today. 

Make planetfall on a long-abandoned world in a faraway galaxy. Explore the advanced megastructures of a hauntingly beautiful fallen civilization devoid of life.

Solve multi-layered environmental puzzles, unlocking new pathways traveling deeper into the curious structures. Traverse floating platforms, crumbling cliffs, underground caverns, and ancient machines.

Earn new abilities to expand the possibilities of this world. Overcome once-insurmountable obstacles, reach previously inaccessible areas, and discover perplexing puzzles solvable only with these newfound powers.

Employ abstract thought from horizontal and vertical perspectives. Recognize distinct shapes and patterns that lead to secret collectibles, lost relics, and fragmented memories.

Operate arcane alien tech to manipulate labyrinthine surroundings, interacting with teleporters, holographic terminals, shifting walls, and other strange devices. Identify bizarre mechanisms for massive interconnected puzzle rooms that alter the structure of entire levels. Adapt to the ever-changing designs and unearth the mysteries of a long-lost civilization.

Memory’s Reach offers an updated demo that is available on PC via Steam. To stay up to date with the latest news from Memory’s Reach, check out the official 100 Stones Interactive website, follow the studio on TikTok,TwitterFacebook, and YouTube, and join fellow puzzlers on the Steam Community.