Hell never looked this good! Publisher CRITICAL REFLEX and developer Finch Bird Studio are excited to launch the first public Steam demo for the rhythm-based, dungeon-crawling dating sim Freaked Fleapit, along with a new trailer which premiered at the OTK Games Expo. Get to know the oddball denizens of the Fleapit and experience your first taste of its rhythmic roguelike action today!

Feel the groove and romance of the underworld in the stylish, anime-inspired world of Freaked Fleapit. In this new demo, you’ll dance your way through the first two circles of Hell, find collectibles to complete quests, and battle two deadly bosses! Spend time in the Fleapit’s hub, where you can take a shot at love with the bubbly Bellboy, feisty Fasaria, and rabid Ruby.

What, still not enough?! You can play the demo multiple times to experience dates with each of the Fleapit’s eligible residents.

About Freaked Fleapit

Save your soul in this wild cocktail of rhythm-based dungeon crawling and dating sims that’ll have you dancing your way to heart-pumping music through nine circles of Hell. When the Reaper herself offers you a way to get out of the run-down fleapit that is Purgatory, you’ll have to make it through all of Hell’s circles to free your soul!

Enter an unhinged world full of neon lights, demonic forces and off-the-wall energy. Every level is procedurally generated, filled with unique encounters and secret rooms, and even the music changes based on how you play. Defeat devils, demons and other fiends – and face off with a mighty boss at the end of every circle. Meet a cast of larger-than-(un)life characters voiced by beloved English and Japanese talent from series like PersonaFullmetal Alchemist, and Spice and Wolf! Experience hundreds of special story events, jam to neuro-infused dancefloor tracks by Magnetude and choose the one who’ll escape Purgatory with you!

Be sure to stay tuned and wishlist Freaked Fleapit on Steam for future updates on the game.