Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with Sophie, the Ultimate Magical Warrior, in an epic retro showdown against none other than cosmic evil forces!🏰 Brace yourself for a feline frenzy as you run, shoot, and save the beloved bakery in this heart-pounding adventure. Are you brave enough for the Magical Girl Dash?

🚀 Join Sophie’s Pixelated Quest Against Cosmic Mayhem!
Meet Sophie, an ordinary student with an extraordinary secret – she’s a magical girl on a mission to defeat evil cosmic cats threatening the world. The fate of delectable treats hangs in the balance as you help Sophie rescue stolen recipes, thwart the alien feline invasion, and protect her favorite bakery. Get ready for an enchanting blend of nostalgia and cosmic mayhem!

🍰 Recipe Rescue Quest – Because It’s Not Just About Defeating Foes!
Embark on a Recipe Rescue Quest to recover stolen recipes and protect Sophie’s favorite bakery. The sweet twist to the adventure adds a delectable flavor to the cosmic mayhem. Will you rise to the challenge and save the sweetness? 🍰🚀

✨ Sugar-Powered Abilities – Amp Up Your Magical Prowess!
Discover unique sugar-powered abilities like Cupcake Blasters, Candy Shields, and Rainbow Boosts. Strategically deploy these sweet enhancements to turn the tide in your favor during the cosmic cat battle. Unleash your magical prowess with delightful power-ups! 🍬✨

🌟 Highscore Showdown – Become the Ultimate Highscore Champion!
Rise to the top of the magical girl leaderboard! Compete for high scores in online and local modes, challenging yourself to beat personal bests and aiming for global supremacy. Showcase your magical prowess and become the ultimate highscore champion in the enchanting world of Sophie’s adventures. 🌟🎮

Magical heroes, unite! Join Sophie in “Magical Girl Dash” for a pixelated quest against cosmic cats! Run, jump, and blast your way through this enchanting retro arcade. Save the bakery, collect power-ups, and compete for the ultimate highscore! Don’t miss your chance to be part of the magic!

Availability: “Magical Girl Dash”  is currently announced on PlayStation. Stay vigilant for the eagerly awaited game launch on February 13th.