Today, Magic Fuel Games is thrilled to announce “Shipwrecked: Lost Colony”, coming to Steam in 2025. Shipwrecked: Lost Colony is an 18th Century city-survival builder set on a tropical isle lost to time. Players will lead a group of marooned survivors and forge a new beginning in an uncharted land, where dinosaurs are the biggest threat and your strongest allies.

Magic Fuel Games is dedicated to delivering compelling and high quality gaming experiences, like the 2023 Apple Arcade Game of the Year finalist, Cityscapes: Sim Builder. Shipwrecked: Lost Colony brings the team back to their PC and console roots and is a testament to their commitment to innovation and player engagement. 

Shipwreckeds’ Game Director and CPO at Magic Fuel Games, Kip Katsarelis is a veteran in the city-building simulation space and is thrilled about the announcement, “We’re excited to share Shipwrecked: Lost Colony with the gaming community. This game represents a culmination of creativity, unique setting, and immersive gameplay. We believe the city building community is generally underserved and we want to bring our talents and expertise to deliver them something new and different. The team has been having a blast coming up with ways to bring dinosaurs to life and reimagining their behaviours in a simulation. The idea of introducing a group of people with 1800’s knowledge and technology onto a dangerous island with dinosaurs is super compelling.

Shipwrecked: Lost Colony is scheduled for release on Steam in 2025. For more information, visit the Steam page here: or the game’s website here: