Macabre bullet heaven Necromantic will launch into Early Access on PC via Steam today, May 22nd, 2024, at 1pm ET. Start out as a lowly freshman at Valorborn Academy and prove yourself to become the coolest kid in school – or don’t, and repeatedly fall to the legions of horrors that await. Venture out and take on hordes of monsters at night either solo or with a friend in online co-op in Necromantic

Juggle your academic aspirations during the day with mowing down hordes of monsters at night. Pull from a rich assortment of weapons and abilities to fuel your bloodlust as you carve your way to coolness by slaughtering waves of monsters across a variety of maps. After you’ve made dust of your foes, you’ll work to gain infamy by studying, going to class, and completing assignments to upgrade and master your skills.

Get those grades up, or else you’ll be fodder for the hordes of undead wandering around at night. Kathedril, the territory that Valorborn Academy sits above, is home to a never-ending graveyard of fun. Stay out at night to impress the cool kids, but do so at your own risk, as the horrors that await are otherworldly. Dive into this rich new dark fantasy world alone or via co-op play to see if you can help these freshmen pull off the impossible and survive the semester.

But Necromantic isn’t all about keeping your nose in a book. You’ll have access to over 40 different weapons and abilities that will hopefully help you survive through the night against hordes of undead creatures. Do battle, collect gems and other rewards, then choose wisely in order to level up. 


  • Dive Into a Bullet Heaven Battleground: Master the art of survival against overwhelming odds in a beautifully dark world.
  • Brave the Dangers and Grow in Infamy: Begin as a new student at Valorborn Academy, mastering the curriculum to become a powerful force against the hordes plaguing Kathedril
  • Embrace Cooperation or Solo Prowess: Complete Assignments on your own or with a friend in online cooperative play.
  • Hit the Books, Hit Them Hard: Achieve greatness by completing school assignments, unlocking powerful weapons, abilities and new areas of Kathedril to explore.

Necromantic will be available in Early Access on PC via Steam today, May 22nd, at 1pm ET. To learn more about your future at Valorborn Academy, follow Blinkmoon on TwitterInstagramTikTok, and join fellow classmates on Discord.