Enjoy a new hero and its related dungeon and content in this new update

Indie developer MoXiangRuGu and publisher 2P Games announce that its collectible card adventure that features roguelite elements will be releasing a new DLC called “Tower and Sea” for their game Looper Tactics at a price point of $5.99 USD on Steam.

This DLC provides a new subtype human, a new hero (fool), its related dungeons and new cards for you to collect. New spells such as Fuse, Sacrifice, Unite and Conjure will be included in this expansion, which provides players a much richer gameplay experience and in depth deck construction. In addition to all this, the DLC comes with its own set of bug fixes and optimization too. The Tower and Sea DLC will be available in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Looper Tactics mixes collectible card game and deck building mechanics with roguelite elements. Explore dungeons and complete tasks to gain access to more powerful cards. Fight, die and repeat the cycle until you craft the most powerful deck in the game.

A long time ago, the ancient Empire created a world within a box and filled it with artificial souls. But fearing that its creation might end up destroying their own reality, the Empire decided to seal that world-within-a-box and curse it to live in an endless cycle of reincarnations, ensuring its total isolation. Now, the time has come to break that vicious cycle. You are the one to free your world and defeat the ancient Empire once and for all! 


  • Explore a metroidvania-like board. Each board hides combats, puzzles, adventures and secrets. Deciding what places to explore is up to you — remember that with great risk come even greater rewards!
  • Build a deck with no restrictions. Mix and match items, scrolls, or hero skills and choose from a pool of different races that include elves, elementals, demons, and dragons.
  • Improve your cards and embrace death. Looper Tactics encourages players to die frequently. Starting anew will let them progress even forward while keeping attributes and enhancements earned during previous runs.