Get ready to brave the winter storm in Len’s Island with its new icy expansion, Frozen Lands. The second-to-last expansion before Len’s Island heads towards full launch offers an avalanche of content, including intense new biomes, formidable enemy strongholds, treacherous dungeons, and powerful weapons to unlock. Embark on a new adventure within the open-world survival game, the Frozen Lands update is out now. 

Frozen Lands introduces an impressive expansion to the already sizable open world, with new biomes to explore, such as cherry blossom islands, arctic fortresses, and frozen caves that link to the vast underground network. In these new areas, you’ll discover a bustling arctic town with unique resources and armor sets to trade, fresh snow animals to hunt, tamable red pandas, and a heap of new quests to complete. 

Mixing open-world survival crafting, roguelike dungeons, and heart-pounding combat, the new update also features menacing above-ground combat, with enemy strongholds that loom over the arctic islands and guard four new dungeon entrances. As you battle through the fortified terrain, many traps, armored enemies, and intense boss fights await in the dungeons below. Triumph over your enemies using the new katana sword, upgrade your weapons and tools to the powerful Damascus steel tier, and gain special abilities using the new and improved enchanting system.

Players can enjoy a variety of new farmable resources and advanced machinery for turning cotton into cloth. Forage for cotton and bamboo in the new biomes and use their seeds to grow your own. Once harvested, these unique resources can be refined using the new loom machine and implemented in exciting crafting recipes that help you advance through the harsh environment. For instance, capture squids and extract their ink – which is required for upgrading to the Damascus tier – to become even more powerful. The Frozen Lands update presents an exciting and challenging new landscape to the Len’s Island experience.

Frozen Lands Features:

  • Massive Map Expansion: Unique biomes such as arctic fortresses, cherry blossom islands, and frozen caves are introduced in the Frozen Lands update, offering a huge expansion to the Len’s Island map.
  • Four Additional Dungeons: A set of treacherous dungeons teeming with new armored enemies, challenging traps, and punishing boss fights. Enemy strongholds heavily guard each dungeon entrance, adding another layer of adrenaline-charged combat.
  • Unique Armor and Weaponry: Become a master fighter by taking advantage of the new Katana weapon class and upgrade your current weapons to Damascus Steel. Collect powerful sets of armor, including the Winter Fur Set, Samurai Armor, and Oni Demon Armor, each with unique abilities.
  • Improved Enchanting System: An updated enchanting system provides a variety of new enchantments that can be fused to weapons, tools, and now, armor. Enchant items twice to create your perfect custom build and become stronger than ever before. 
  • A New Era of Farming: Collect new resources scattered across the arctic lands, grow unique crops, and build new farming machinery to unlock advanced crafting recipes. 
  • Discover New Animals: Hunt a variety of snow animals, including rabbits and deer, but beware of ravenous wolves roaming the arctic lands. Red pandas can be found on cherry blossom islands and can be tamed… if you know how – the perfect companion for the freezing quests ahead
  • New Arctic Town: Venture to the Arctic town, trade with villagers to gain new items, and sell various resources. Upgrade the town to unlock a warp portal for easy traveling.
  • Additional Quests: A set of adventurous new quests await in the Frozen Lands update. Receive exciting rewards as you complete each quest and keep track of your collections while progressing through all the newly released content. 

The Len’s Island Frozen Lands update is available on Steam in Early Access now, and the game is set to launch in 1.0 later this year. For more updates on the game, check out Flow Studio on YouTube, Twitter, and their official website!