The twirling Tenjutsu puts you in the shoes of a renegade yakuza determined to stand up to her former partners in crime. His goal? Liberate the city of Secret Garden City from their grasp. Unveiled today at Devolver Direct, this dynamic and fluid rogue-jutsu is the new game from Sébastien Benard, designer of the incredible Dead Cells.

Four powerful crime syndicates control the city with an iron fist. To defeat them, you will have to master the brutal combat system at your fingertips, but also develop your possibilities in terms of weaponry, upgrades and martial arts techniques: only a huge outpouring of perfectly controlled violence will free the city from the actions of this treacherous spawn.

As your fists put an end, in the order that suits you, to the sinister actions of these various criminal organizations, the city is gradually reborn.

The decaying alleys will gradually regain their original life and colors, inviting you to spend your preciously accumulated resources in their various shops and other restaurants. Essential to prepare well before a new trip to the slums of the city.

Shape the locations to suit your playstyle by unlocking new weapons, as well as new techniques and areas to explore. Don’t take too much time: the longer you prepare, the more powerful your enemies are.

Tenjutsu will be released on PC and consoles. Stay tuned for future announcements about him.

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