The Beacons of Infinite Lagrange have been lit across the galaxy, calling Explorers together for a party like no other

NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999), is proud to announce that the Beacon Festival has returned to Infinite Lagrange. This event will bring the mighty UAV Carrier to the game and offer many exclusive rewards for those who participate.

In Infinite Lagrange, the Beacons light the darkness of space, offering guidance to ships that are far from home. Those who look upon the Beacons from the ground think of them as wishing stars, carrying their thoughts and prayers throughout the cosmos.

The theme of this year’s Beacon Festival is Galaxy Reformation, acting as a tribute to the brave Explorers who followed the light of those Beacons in the past, carrying their banners into the unknown and revealing the mysteries of the universe. Explorers throughout the Lagrange Network will gather at Antonas to celebrate with friends from the Orgs in a festival of unity and warmth. 

The most significant addition to Infinite Lagrange during the next Beacon Festival is the new UAV Carrier – a vessel designed by Jupiter Industries with a cutting-edge UAV system. The vessels stored in its hangar possess UAV, allowing for coordinated wingman operations that increase the combat efficiency of small aircraft groups.

Along with its ship storing capacity, the UAV Carrier possesses powerful weapon platforms, allowing it to assist the fleet in combat, striking from afar with projectiles. These elements combined make the UAV Carrier a ship with a ton of utility, especially in combat – a ship that will benefit all Explorers who possess one. 

There will be many colorful shows and events to experience during the Beacon Festival. These include the UAV Plasma Show (where Explorers can earn up to 2024 Proxima Coins), Sightseeing Routes, Shuttle Through Antontas, and Gravity Detection Operation. Experiencing these events can earn you up to 3000+ Proxima Coins, along with limited-time rewards, including emblems and Cosmetic Points. 

Those looking to purchase rare loot during the Beacon Festival will get their chance, thanks to the Beacon Marketplace, which will act as a special loot auction. During this auction, Explorers will have access to a wide range of items, including weapon techs, technical blueprints, and exclusive premium liveries, so long as they can outbid their competition.

The Beacon Marketplace will also introduce the Celebration Pass and several event-exclusive packs containing gifts like the Dynamic Emblem “In the Name of the Stars,” Solar Whale Premium Livery “Flickering Beacon,” and more. We welcome all Explorers to bid on valuable items and seek rare rewards in the Beacon Marketplace.

“The Beacon Festival is a massive event in the universe of Infinite Lagrange, symbolizing humankind’s journey to the stars and celebrating its continued prosperity across the galaxy.” stated Demi Yan, NetEase Games Senior Global Publishing Director. “We look forward to having global players participating in this grand celebration, as they immerse in the exhilarating new chapter added to the game’s remarkable narrative.”

Make sure to check out the Beacon Festival and follow Infinite Lagrange’s social media channels to learn more about upcoming events. 

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